On 2003-09-25, Dr d b karron wrote:
> I love the wheel mouse in nedit;
> Can you wheel in exmacs and wsh too ?
> can I wheel my way around cod ?

I'm surely biased here, but...
Having both hands on the keyboard, Pag UP/DOWN or even Ctrl-F/R/whatever
makes the wheel a completely useless , not to mention that it removes
a precious extra mouse button in a comfortable position.

Even when working with graphics, one hand is _always_ on the keyboard.
Most applications supports Ctrl-mouse-move, which gives extra-fine
control with two axis.

Heh.. [thinking loud]
Is this something like the "NO LINEAR MENUS" campaing?

'(wave++ "Yuri D'Elia" "http://www.yuv.info/")