I'm dealing with an RHEL site right now, and want to have a single internal
server download the ClamAV information. There are lots of Google references to
setting up full, externally accessible mirrors, but has anyone tried this with
RHEL or Fedora? Do I need to do anything else?

* Set up designated server with external web access, if necessary over proxy.
* Install clamd and clamav.
* Enable clamd init script (if needed).
* Enable httpd web server.
* Set up local hostname db.[localdomain]
* Set up virtual server in Apache, preferably IP based, like this:

# ClamAV mirror for localdomain hosts

# IP address is often easier than hostname based Virtual Hosts
# in NAT'ed environment
# ServerAdmin root@localdomain
# DocumentRoot /var/clamav
## Following two lines are irrelevant in normal NAT, DNS setup.
## ServerName database.clamav.net
## ServerAlias db.*.clamav.net
## This is the one that sets up local access for registered host.
# ServerAlias db.localdomain

* Add this to the /etc/freshclam.conf file on all the other hosts, before the
other DataBaseMirror entries:

# Local mirror
DataBaseMirror db.localdomain

* Verify that the ClamAV updates over the next few days.