I'm having a problem with a recently installed Ubuntu Gutsy based
system. After going through all the upgrade from the initial
installation, the system wouldn't shutdown cleanly and I was forced to
reset manually. Up to the point the glass tty terminals had all been
fine. After this, they no longer have login prompts. getty is running
for each of tty1 - tty6, each device has the expected permissions, and
there's no information in dmesg suggesting any problem. But after, eg
Ctrl-Alt-F1 all I get is a blank screen. Since they were working
before, I assume something odd has happened. I have another Ubuntu
system also based on Gutsy which is fine (and has never shown this
problem). The X login is also fine, and the system appears otherwise
normal. There's no evidence of rapid respawning, the gettys have been
running since yesterday but consuming no time.

Any suggested resolutions gratefully received.