Jean-David Beyer wrote:

> So your reckoning is based on guesswork and intuition and not on measurements.

Yeah. I can tell its slow by using it.

> I was not really talking about running benchmarks. Whatever you are running
> when your system is too slow is a suitable load for measuring paging rates
> man vmstat
> If you are not paging much, then you have enough RAM and the slow
> performance is due to something other than too heavy a windowing system or
> desktop manager you are running. Perhaps because your CPU is too slow. As I
> said earlier, running with 550 MHz Pentium IIIs on a 512 MByte system does
> not get sluggish performance for me.

It is is Window Manager related, I am sure. Debian on the same system
using a lightweight window manager runs fine.

> Jerky mouse movements, slow responsiveness in opening and closing
> applications, etc., might be due to sluggish disk performance, for example.
> If you do not measure these things, you are just guessing.

Yeah. The disk is being over-utilized by processes running in Ubuntu. I
reckon this is something running to drive the desktop.

In my case these are typical Maxtor drives of 20Gb or above attached to
the IDE interface in a typical single drive configuration on a conventional
IBM compatible computer. There is nothing odd about these computers and
they perform like any other in their class:

Debian runs Quickly.
Ubuntu runs slowly.

I'll boot of the Ubuntu live CD and publish some benchmarks, if required.
The Live CD never stops spinning on these machines and performance of the
desktop is absolutely awful.

The graphics cards are ATI Radeon 9000 and 9200 series cards with
support for open source 3d accelleration, so I know that the problem is
not with the cards. (Again, they work fine in Debian.)


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