On 2008-07-15, Richard Vaughn wrote:
> I have some older, non-DVD reading machines that I need to upgrade to
> FC8.
> Hard to find the FC8 OS in CD form.
> Anyone?

Does Fedora allow the hard-disk installation method? I
think HatRed did when I last used it. Mandriva does.

With that method, you copy the contents of the installation
DVD or CDs to a hard disk partition that will _not_ be
formatted during the installation. Then, you boot from a
small image, often called boot.iso, select 'hard disk'
installation method, and off you go. With luck, there
should be a way to put the boot.iso image on a USB thumb

I use the hard disk installation method or the network (NFS)
installation method even when I do have the media.


Robert Riches
(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)