I've been trying to get my UniChrome Pro IGP card (PCI ID 1106:3344) to
output a suitable signal (vfreq, hfreq, pixel clock) to satisfy my LCD
TV. I am running 2.6.24 and am only interested in console mode, not X. I
couldn't get SVGATextMode to please my TV, but it's pretty unmaintained
and possibly I never gave it the correct chipset/clockchip combination
or, more likely, it simply doesn't support the ones I need. The only
kernel framebuffer device I've gotten to report anything at startup is
vga16fb (which I'm guessing is close to useless anyway) where then I can
get fbset to give me a variety of ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO errors.

Does anyone know what (hopefully Free) driver will let me get useful
stuff out of my UniChrome Pro in console mode? Just being able to set
output signal format would do. As it is, whatever the default is from my
system after startup is an "unsupported signal" for my TV (it only
promises to accept certain ones - 14 in all - some of which do
correspond to examples in my /etc/fb.modes if only fbset would work).