[hardware and software details below]

Problem: if textmode is ever left, when it is restored, the cursor
is flaky: either invisible or in the wrong place. Switching VCs
restores cursor position and visibility, but then doing almost
anything causes it to misbehave again. This makes any kind
of visual editing (of a file or even of the command line) close
to impossible. If I never leave textmode, the cursor always
behaves as I expect.

Remarks: I didn't have this problem with kernel 2.4 and svgalib
1.4.3, from which I recently upgraded. The current svgalib is
using the Rage driver, which it autodetects ("chipset type 33").
Though the manpage says that the registers and fontdata
dumps are stored in /tmp, this build puts them
in /etc/vga. I carefully create these dumps just after booting
and before leaving textmode, so they should be ok.

Hardware: Dell Optiplex GX1p (400 Mhz); ATI 3D Rage Pro
AGP 1x/2X (rev 5c)

Software: Linux kernel; svgalib 1.9.25 and the
svgalib-helper kernel module that Slackware 12.1 supplies
which is supposedly appropriate to both of the above.

Any clues would be appreciated.