On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 12:05 -0700, Chris wrote:
> > I was not aware that the kernel allowed an output to "telnet" console
> > type of option. What option specifically are you using?
> >

> You will not understand the grub.conf without this brief explanation:
> I mounted the installation .iso and I looked in /images where I found
> boot.iso. I mounted that and I found /isolinux. I copied the
> contents of that directory to my /boot directory for my running system
> to create a /boot/isolinux directory that was a copy of the
> installation media. Now you will understand the grub paths.

Ok.. so you're booting isolinux, not your distro correct?

I tried to repeat your situation, but may graphics looked fine,
but I'll admit I'm coming from a KDE konsole and using ssh intead
of telnet for my options to my syslinux... and while we're on
the topic, are you using a particular distribution? If not,
can you be explicit about what isolinux you are using including
version? Not saying I'll attempt to fully replicate your
scenario, but just in case others here might try.

I tested by using SUSE's syslinux-like thing where the
options are:
hostip=AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD gateway=WWW.XXX.YYY.ZZZ netmask=

Had no problems bring up yast in character mode with full text
graphics rendering. But of course, apple vs. orange. Need to
know more information about the "orange" you have. It actually
matters quite a bit. I fully believe your scenario can be made
to work fine using SUSE's syslinux-like thing... but that's
not what you have.

So.. question:

Your isolinux solution came off of a CD that I ASSUME is
a Linux distribution, which one (including version)?

I think knowing that might help anyone who tries to recreate
your problem.