Hi Folks,

I have a few experimental machines and several of them would not run
the Fedora 8 Live CDs. This was disappointing. I saw "ata1.00 failed
to set xfermode (err_mask=0x1)". Subsequently, I would be dropped
into the rescue environment, but the necessary optical media were not

I discovered, quite by accident, that on one machine, I could solve
the problem by isolating the CDROM from the other disks - meaning
IDE0.0 = CDROM, IDE0.1 = , IDE1.0 = , IDE1.1=.
This was a very old machine - maybe 8 years old - maybe more. I think
the CDROM is probably the same vintage. But it worked.

The other machine was a newer machine - maybe four years old - and
this isolating trick didn't work. However, I simply replaced the
CDROM with a newer drive and I solved that problem. So, the boot
problems seemed to be a reflection of the CDROM DRIVE and were easily
eliminated with that realization.