Tom Newton wrote:

> I'd like to thank the idiot trolls for keeping this thread alive.
> I don't read their garbage, but that's irrelevant. It doesn't
> matter what they say. It just matters that people see that
> obvious losers don't like what I posted.

By the above two paragraphs you seem to be defining yourself as "An
Irritating Troll" "Some merely post drivel, or tirades against
netnannies and netcops, often at a BI of over 20. In general they
cause little real damage to newsgroups." Vide: Subject: 3.2 and
Subject: 4.2

You don't really expect us to believe that you haven't read every word
of all the responses to you, do you?

> Which tells them I must have something on the ball...

> > Of course they will. And they'll have powerful sorcerers casting
> > spells on you from nearby dens, and alien allies in invisible
> > craft hovering silently overhead beaming mind-control rays into
> > your brains.

This is you having "something on the ball?

Two Ravens
"Tom Newton, surely the William Topaz McGonagall of
alt.os.linux.slackware, and now, seemingly, comp.os.linux.setup
and comp.os.linux.misc. as well!"