I have had a perfectly good working Ubuntu 7.10 system with the nvidia
driver. Until I bought a new mouse and edited the mouse section of
xorg.conf (though I'm not convinced that has anything to do with it - it was
something else involved in the reboot I'm sure) I had 1280x1024.

The mouse works fine, but X now insists on using xorg.conf.failsafe instead
of xorg.conf. Neither a complete re-configuration of X, nor a re-boot, nor
re-starting X from the login screen (ctrl-alt-Backsp) will shift it back to
the normal xorg.conf setup.

Something, somewhere is passing the 'failsafe' option to the xserver.

Anyone any ideas how I can make it use the normal conf file? I'm fed up
with 800x600.

- Richard.
Richard Kimber