On Tue, 13 Nov 2007 19:52:15 +0900 (KST), Your wrote:

>I have just installed Ubuntu7.10 and tried to compile my program which is
>based on GTK+ 2.0.
>My machine has very new motherboard with dual core CPU.
>Even I tried to compile GTK2.0 with correct option `pkg-config --libs gtk+-
>2.0` in makefile, the machine showed "error because gtk2.0 is not
>istalled" and need to pkg-config-path bla bla bla....
>But I found this machine has correct gtk2.0 libraries and related
>I would know what I do to compile my program which has GTK+ source codes.

You probably need to install the Gtk2-devel packages. Most distros (I
don't use Ubuntu currently) separate the run-time libs from the libs and
headers needed to compile programs. Your error indicates that is the


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