I have set up avidemux 2.3.0 on kubuntu 2.4 but it throws an "trouble
intializing audio" message when I start it up. this is on a hp pavillion
dv2000 laptop, connexant card.

opening in terminal I see the error,

Error opening PCM device plughw:0,0

I have run through the variations in 'preferences' in avidemux, trying
different options for device (including 'hw' instead of 'plughw'); I have
only ALSA, OSS, SDL and DUMMY as options but have played them through:
ALSA should be the correct choice but I had to set it to OSS on my
OpenSuse machine, still makes no difference on this one.

on my OpenSuse I have a bunch of other stuff including ARTS and ESD.

I don't see a sound problem in any other app including mplayer,
xine, vlc, kaffeine.

also tried compiling from source but I am running into problems, some kind
of 'postprocessing' error on 'make'.

good folks on haven't been able to help.

I can use ProjectX but would like avidemux. I am running into a lot of
problems installing software under kubuntu but I figure I don't know its
in's and out's.