I've got a project that is using old versions of mod_perl, but wants
to use modern versions of other tools. I realize that RedHat gave up
on apache-1.3 way, way back in RHEL 2.1, but I could use a clean
working SRPM. Installing it via local tarball compilation doesn't
integrate mod_ssl and mod_dav, and could suck up a bunch of my time to
get fully working.

Also unfortunately, I've seen only a few RHEL 5 compatible RPM's for
that via google, and they seem to all be awful. Either they don't
include EAPI support and thus can't support mod_ssl, or they include
none of the configuration and set their defaults rather oddly by
RedHat standards. I've tried working from the RHEL 2.1 or RedHat 7l.3
SRPM's, but they show serious issues compiling them for RHEL 5. (They
work fine for RHEL 4, darn it!)

Does anyone have working recent ones?