I have one SATA HD on which there is Ubuntu, WinXP and SuSE.
After installing SuSE, the boot process queries the SuSE grub menu
and gives options for any of the listed O.S.s.
Now the problem is that when Ive got Ubuntu installed, and look for
Grub, menu.lst, etc. I find the original Ubuntu /boot dir but not
SuSE's version. I went hunting but couldnt locate the SuSE grub menu,
except when SuSE is instalA pool! Do tell. Well you got
everything. Try Taiji underwater. No really.
You're quite right about weighing the Study staff. I've been studying
the placebo response (Brodey) and between led. But then I cant find
Ubuntus /boot. This indicates the degree of my Linux knowledge as
being not ready for prime time. I've R. the Nice Manuals without any
illumination. So maybe some nice helpful Linuxee can point out a way
throught the darkness.

Only please dont say anything about reading another Fine Manual. My
view of Linux is that its a community of People who can guide others
through some of the dark places. I learned computers many years ago
by listening to others more experienced and they were not at all put-
upon by questions. End of my viewpoint.

Thanks in advance,