Using the "nail" or the "mail" command to send and receive E-mail.

Examine this line:
ls -a ~ | nail -a .mailrc -A autosend -s "Dis be a tess"

I have been using this line at a command prompt to send an E-mail with
the subject line "Dis be a tess" using my E-mail account back to my E-
mail account. What this particular line does is: list the directory
using the "ls" command. It then pipes the output from the "ls" command
to a "nail" command. The parameters in the "nail" command are set up
to send the output back to the address and send
the file ".mailrc" as an attachment.

This works beautifully. I am able to check my E-mail on another
computer and I am able to retrieve the message and the attached file
that I sent using the "nail" command on my LAMP box. I could easily
see using a command like this in a script to automatically send useful
information to my E-mail account.


The issue that I am experiencing when using the "nail" command is
that I am unable to receive mail using it, I can only send it. If I
send and E-mail to my account, , I should be
able to enter "nail" at a command prompt by itself, like this:


or perhaps:

nail -A autosend (this line specifies the an account called
"autosend" that I set up in my ".mailrc" file)

and it should retrieve all incoming mail, but this does not seem to
work and I am not sure why. BTW, I get the exact same behavior when I
use the "mail" command instead of the "nail" command. Here are the
contents of my ".mailrc" file. The mail command and apparently the
"nail" command use this file. It contains information such as incoming
(pop3) and outgoing (smtp) mail server, login information, password,
etc. I would appreciate any help on this that I can get. Thanks in

CONTENTS OF ".mailrc":

account autosend {
set folder=pop3://
set smtp=smtp://
set from=" (Inet Server)"
set smtp-auth=login
set smtp-auth-password=*******