Has the color depth of the graphical portion of setup for Fedora Core 6
changed from Fedora Core 5? When I try to install FC6 on Microsoft
Virtual PC for Windows (Fedora Core has never worked with 32-bit color
on VPC), the graphical portion of setup exhibits the bad behavior one
sees if one runs FC in 32-bit mode in VPC: the window is twice as wide
as it's supposed to be, and the display is scrambled beyond the point of
being unusable.

I've installed FC4 and 5 successfully in VPC without this problem. Has
the installer changed?

More importantly, is there a way to force the graphical portion of the
installer to run in a lower color depth?

I am, unfortunately, not skilled enough in Linux to work much magic on
my own. I just like to have a test machine available occasionally.

Stardate 6909.5