Hi everyone.

I just installed Fedora core 6. A teacher of mine who knows a lot
about everything recommended it to me. This is my first linux use ever
excluding some fun with live cd's. I've installed it correctly and
everything seems fine except after booting into Fedora, I get an "Out
of Range" error on my monitor. Sounds like some resolution issue, but
I have no clue how to fix it since I can't see anything! Can anyone
help me fix this?

I have Windows XP on my first partition and Fedora on my second. I
want to be able to use both, especially when Fedora isn't working, but
the computer boots into Fedora automatically. How do I set it up to
allow me to select which OS to boot into like I've seen many other
people do? I want to be able to use Windows XP while having Fedora on
my computer, and vice versa.

I really appreciate all the help anyone contributes, and any patience
given to me. Sorry for being new!