One of the reasons I upgraded to FC5 was to fix problems with removeable
media not mounting.

I was surprised when it found:
My card reader
The smart media on that reader
The zip drive on that reader
The compact flash on that reader

And on another usb hub, it found my mp3 player.

But what is with the new mounting facilities?
Everytime I boot, my mount-points /dev/win and /dev/win98 disappear, so I
have to re-create the mount-points and remount them?

And devices seem to move around. The "quick-mount" bar will sometimes say
/dev/sdb4 invalid device, other times "not a block device", now, just now,
guess what? It mounted!

My mp3 player auto-mounted when I plugged it in, but evidently the device
mount-point no longer matches where it is at either. It was /dev/sdc1 now
it is /dev/sdf1!

Anyway I can lock-down these device names?