Hi folks!
Booting my Fedora 5 (2.6.18-1.2200.fc5) system takes an extra couple of
minutes because of disk errors.

When I boot Linux, I get several screens worth of the following error
Buffer I/O error on device hde1, logical block 625153152

The system is trying to “do something” with a partition on a drive that
is part of a raid set, and failing. These errors occur during the initrd
boot phase. After the system boot, the system is apparently ok.

hde is part of a 2 disk striped raid set, and that set is formatted as a
single ntfs partition. I can stop the errors if I add “hde=noprobe
hdf=noprobe” as a kernel boot parameter, but then I cannot use dmraid to
access my raid partition, because /dev/hde & /dev/hde don’t exist. I
tried adding boot parameter “hde=19457,255,63“ but the device remains

My naive guess is that I can solve my problem by either
1) Getting dmraid to see my drives after a boot that uses “noprobe”
2) Stopping whatever program is trying to access hde1 during the initrd
All my attempts at 1) have failed, and I have no idea how to do 2).

My System has
An Abit AN7 nforce chipset motherboard with
2 ATA onboard channels
onboard Si3112 SATA Raid ( I use SATA, but not the SATA raid)
A SiI0680 (CMD 680) pci ATA card

The drive layout is
hda onboard ata [hda1=/boot ,ext3 : hda2=unmounted, ntfs]
hdc onboard ata [ hdc1= /, ext3 : hdc2=swap : hdc3=/var, ext3]
** hde SiI0680 striped raid set 1
hdf SiI0680 [ hdf1=unmounted, ntfs ]
** hdg SiI0680 striped raid set 1
sda onboard SATA [sda1=unmounted, ntfs]
** dm-0 raid 1[dm-0p1=unmounted, ntfs]