Hi all.

What is the procedure for reconfiguring software RAID keeping the data
intact after disk names shifted?

The array used to be /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd, and so on and now it starts
with /dev/sde after I added 2 new disks (which I don't want to include
in the array).

Due to specific hardware configuration I am not able to arrange these
new disk in a different way. Just booting the new system didn't work,
neither (the array was not recognized).

Could I modify /etc/raidtab and then use some tool to reconfigure the
array without touching data? raidreconf seems to do that, but I've read
it's takes a lot of time and may not always work, so is there any
simpler way?



P.S. System is SuSE pro9, kernel 2.6, SCSI disks.