On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 21:41 -0700, mom wrote:
> Does anybody know of an existing script/package to generate a report
> like this:
> We need a copy of an OS account audit report. This report will include
> a status review of all currently open accounts on all Linux systems,
> when those accounts were activated, who created them, what they are
> allowed to access, and what their privilege levels are.
> We have 200 linux servers so obviously we need a way to automate
> this.

Well... what mechanism do you use to automate the creation of users
across those 200 hosts? You need to hook your accounting into that.
With regards to the past, if you were not tracking who did what
as root... there's no good way of doing that for the past.

Privilege levels in *ix are site defined (mostly). Btw, they are
site defined (mostly) in Windows now as well, just that most
are clueless about it.

So... the truth is... can't be done (by default).

However, you can tweak your own processes and security
policies to enable some of this kind of tracking for
future build outs.