Hi, all
I am writing a perl script running on the XP, the machine already
have openssh installed. The script would call ssh command and send a
command to the remote host.
The code like.

$user = "user";
$passwd = "mypasswd";
$ipaddress = "somehost";
$command = "ls -la";
print ("Invoke command on host : $ipaddress);
system("ssh $user\@$ipaddress $command");
#check for error message come back from the system call.
#Todo: need to input the password.
---end here ---

However right after I made the system call for ssh, it prompts for the

c:\>perl my.pl
Invoke command on host : somehost
enter password: <--- my program stopped right here waiting.

I understood that perl provides pm packages (in this case SSH) to
get this work done, but the script I am going to run, only will get
the perl installed and perl.dll, not extra module.

My question is:
1) Is that a way I can feed it the password without install any
module?, if so, how?
2) Or where I can find out more regarding input after prompt
3) is that a way I can get the command (in this case ls -la) return

Thanks for any input,