Dear all,

frequently, I need to have file stored on disk in a protected

One of the tools I like to use best for that purpose are user-space
file-systems like encfs, for example. While this works perfectly
under Linux, however, I am not able to export decrypted and mounted
user-space file systems to other hosts, like for example by Samba.

For that reason I dare asking in this newsgroup the following

- how do readers export encrypted file-systems by NFS or Samba or
others to other hosts?

- is there a general architecture mechanism forseen in Linux to have
stackable filesystems that are then exported? For example:
samba : to export files to Windows-hosts
"sign-fs" : to sign all files that are stored
"enc-fs" : to encrypt all files to be stored
"svn-fs" : to have svn-versioning included
ext3 : the fundamental file-system

What are your ideas?

Thanks in advance for any hint and support!

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