OK I have been playing with OpenVPN.
What I tried to do was create 500 CA's with this script;


while [ $X -le 500 ]
mkdir /root/superkey/$X
cd /root/easyrsa2
source ./vars
./pkitool --initca
./pkitool --server outlander
./pkitool clientA
./pkitool clientB
cd keys
cp -Rav * /root/superkey/$X
cd ..
rm -rf keys
echo $X

That makes 500 sets, each with 2 clients. The md5's differ from one set
to the next so I dont think there is an error in the script.

Anyway, apparantly I can take the three client files (ca.crt,
clientA.crt and clientA.key) from any directory and it operates with a
server using the files from any of the other directories.

That is not what I thought would happen. My understanding was that
could not happen.
What am I missing ?