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by Nikki F. Radaza

I'm just trying to discuss this, even if this topic is totally
different to your group's description. Anyway, may I just invite you
to read this please.

Life is like a play, this world is the stage "and God is the
Director, producer in short; He is the creator. He created us because
of His unconditional and infinite love to each one of us." Each of
us has his/her own role to perform, this role is like a mission that
gives us purpose of our existence
And this purpose bears a vision that can let us see some vital aspects
of life which can't be seen by the human eyes.
Do you play your role well?
Do you have mission and visions to be undertaken here and now?
And most importantly:
As our ultimate Director, do you still follow His directions? Being the
creator, the Alpha and the omega and the savior. "Life is too
short." Where will I go from here?...

For more information about Mission And Vision, just email me at
I'm so happy to hear from you soon. Regards, more power and may God
bless us always.