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"Mats" wrote in message
> Take a look at services for unix. It can provide login support and user
> handeling for Unix clients against your AD. It's also a free download from
> MS
> "Jason Williard" wrote in message
> news:762dnQTt8MMoXwHfRVn-iw@comcast.com...
>> I have 5 servers; 3 RedHat and 2 Windows 2003 Server. I would like to
>> use

> a
>> single password for all of these. When thinking about this, I had 2
>> thoughts that came to mind. 1) Setup the 2 Windows servers as domain
>> controllers and find a mechanism to connect the linux machines to that.

> 2)
>> Setup 2 of the linux machines with Samba to act as domain controllers.
>> Unfortunately, I don't know which is the best option, or if either of

> these
>> is the best.
>> What is the best way for me to do this? In the end, I would like to have
>> the system administrators be able to login to any of the servers with a
>> single login. As well, I would like to use the password for specific

> access
>> for employees, such as pop3/imap/smtp and a few other integrated
>> services.
>> Any suggestions or information would be appreciated.
>> Thank You,
>> Jason Williard