We are excited to announce the release and immediate availability of
Aanval v1.60

Version 1.60 is our greatest compilation of features, enhancements and
fixes to date. Available now, via download and in console updates -
This is a recommended update for all users!

Too much to list in an email; Version 1.60 has significant changes!

We have worked hard to put together new screenshots, additional product

information, help and assistance for this new version of Aanval - The
links below are available to help you learn more about the enhancements

and new features of v1.60.

Visit the website for more information:

Take a look at all new screenshots and feature details for version 1.60

View version 1.60 release notes:

Upgrade Help @ docuWeb:

We would like to take a moment and thank all of our users for their
continued support and use of Aanval. Its growth is directly related to
our excellent customers and the sharing of ideas and concepts.

Aanval is a snort and syslog data management console. See website for
more information and details.