D wrote:

> Like the instructions for http://www.openssh.com/ first thing you have
> to do is-

> To install OpenSSL, you will need:
> * make
> * Perl 5
> * an ANSI C compiler
> * a development environment in form of development libraries and C
> header files
> * a supported Unix operating system

> That's me lost, do I need the above installed on the server or my PC!!
> I'm running Windows XP on the PC I use to access the server.

The odds are extremely good that you already have OpenSSH and OpenSSL on the
Fedora server. The ssh server is also likely to be running. What you need
is a Windows client, if the server is headless. Google around for Putty.
The secure shell program, a secure copy program, etc., will all fit on a
floppy, and it's all a free download from a single site. I never travel
without it. If I need the programs, I copy them straight from the floppy to
the desktop and run them from there. If you've never used an ssh client
before, you'll probably be reading a couple of docs, but it's not that

If the server is headless, you can't connect from your PC with Putty, and
you think you're using it correctly, then you'll obviously have to hike
over to the server room and connect a monitor and keyboard. You may have to
restart the server to for it to find the new hardware. Login as root, and
type 'service sshd start'. You should see:
Starting sshd: [ OK ].

You might try connecting via PC/Putty again now, to ensure that all is well,
and get out of the cold noisy server room.

Bear in mind that Fedora 2 is in legacy maintenance now, and your server
quite probably needs an update. I don't like the up2date system, but odds
are good it's already configured and will trundle along. So, still as root,
type 'up2date -u'. You may have to do this a couple of times, due to some
mirrors no longer carrying Fedora Core 2 packages.

The rootkit hunter probably is not installed on the server. I see a post
from Moe Trin about that, so I'll not go into it. Hopefully it's on your
news server as well.

Greg Metcalfe
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