Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman wrote:
> Proteus wrote:
>> I am told by people in charge at the campus where I teach that this login
>> page is secure, that the form login info (username, password) is secure
>> when sent. But the browser page (Firefox, Mandriva Linux) info says the
>> page is not encrypted, not secure. Can someone clarify how such a login
>> page can securely transmit the login info? Link to login page is below:
>> http://www.lsc.edu/Online/VirtualCampusLogin.cfm

> No, I don't think; you are sending clear text data via _http_ (port 80),
> where as URL's for secure pages send encrypted data via _https_ (http
> via ssl, port 443).
> You can verify/confirm it by capturing data on port 80 and, or 443 with
> help of tcpdump(8) and, or ethereal(1).

Oops! I'm sorry, I skipped checking the said page's HTML code. For
sending back user's data it is using _https_ (http via ssl, port 443) so
it will transmit encrypted data and is secure.

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