Trying to install Samba 302a. Getting errors installing it ('ar' not found).
Someone suggested I get GNU 'binutils'. I've done that. Can't get it to
compile. Thought maybe I need newer version of 'gcc'. Downloaded make-3.80
from GNU. Followed instructions for compiling with 'sh' and I get:

compiling version.c...
compiling vpath.c...
compiling hash.c...
../hash.c:363: warning: integer constant is so large that it is unsigned
compiling remote-@REMOTE@.c...
gcc: ./remote-@REMOTE@.c: No such file or directory
gcc: No input files

All I really want to do is compile/install SAMBA 3.0.2a.

As you can see in 'custom' I have the SCO OpenServer Linker and Application
Development Libraries.

+-------------------- Software Manager (custom) on
scounix --------------------+
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All software on scounix.cmi

* CRU Crash Recovery Utility (ver 1.15)

Intel(R) PRO/100B / PRO/100+ PCI Adapter (ver 5.0.5f)

Netscape Communicator (ver 4.0.5b)

SCO Merge (ver 4.0.2b)

SCO OpenServer Enterprise System (ver 5.0.5m)

SCO OpenServer Linker and Application Development Libraries (ver
SCO Skunkware 98 (ver 98.2)

SCO VisionFS (ver 2.01.907)

Specialix RIO (ver 1.1.11)

UDK Compatibility Module for OpenServer 5.0.5 (ver 5.0.5A)

RS505A: Release Supplement for SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.5 (ver
RS505A: Software Manager Supplement (ver rs505a)

+<************************************************** **---------------------

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The selected software is fully installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dan