Sorry for the delayed response. I've been very busy this past week.

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J. L. Schilling wrote:
>"Translation unit" is the language legalese for what you normally think
>of as a source file. So this is saying there is no real C code in
>the source file. This can happen if the source file is only comments.
>Another case is if you aren't compiling with the right preprocessor
>macro values. Example:
>337$ cat x.c
>#if BAR
>int foo() {
> return 7;
>338$ /usr/bin/cc -c -DBAR x.c
>339$ /usr/bin/cc -c x.c
>"x.c", line 6: warning: empty translation unit

Thanks. That explains it perfectly. The whole file is effectively
removed if CRYPT isn't defined. Now I just need to figure out how
to fix it in a way that doesn't seem like a kludge.