Kimball's adverse ruling on Novell's PSJs is a heavy blow and could
ruin SCOs chances for survival unless ...

.... SCO settles. Makes a deal with Novell and IBM. How?
Simply by agreeing to provide Novell and IBM lawyers with the e-mails
and paper incriminating Microsoft. All the documents concerning the
negotiations with Mr. Emerson and other MSFT execs.

Why not? MSFT effectively abandoned SCO in 2004. No more funding and
even poaching SCO customers. What does SCO really still owe MSFT?

So, it's up to you, all you SCO employees, ex-employees, consultants,
investors, and friends. Write to and petition SCO customer service and
investor relations to finally settle this thing -- on any terms at
all. Help SCO survive and save SCO employee jobs, pensions, and the
life savings of investors.

It's up to you.