hi all,
for some reason in the past 2-3 weeks, the number visionfs processes on my
5.0.6 system have begun to increase dramatically. i'm running visionfs 3.10
and have had no problems for the past several years with large number of
i setup a log file to get the output of ps -e | grep vfs and have monitored
it for the past several days. all of a sudden the processes will juump from
24 to 47 and then jump from 47 to 72 for no apparrent reason. i have not
made any changes to my sco box. the only changes on our network is just
about the time this started, 2 new computers, 1 running windows server 2003
and using microsoft sql as a database server and 1 running windows xp being
used as an application server were added to our network. i am not
responsible for the windows systems on our network, so i don't know if they
are the cause of the problem or not, but it does seem like a strange
co-incedence that this problem only started within a few days of the the
installation of these 2 new systems.

as always, any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.