>What did you do to get the system to find a boot drive?

Nothing, I took the drive out and put it back and left it powered up
several hours.

>I suspect that the 4 drives are either having trouble spinning up, or the
>SCSI bus is improperly terminated, possibly because the missing tape
>drive was providing the termination instead of one of the disks.

Nope. The tape drive was well down teh cable but the boot drive IS the
last one and terminated with term power enabled.

>Have you also tried booting to unix.old just in case it is some sort
>of configuration change? Is is possible that somebody screwed around
>with the 1542B's disk geometry settings, setting it up to use under DOS?

I'll try that as well as JP's suggestion to boot into single user mode as
soon as I can access boot docs online or something.

Thank you,