On May 3, 3:43 pm, nathan.go...@gmail.com wrote:
> Recently a friend of mine wanted to install a new CD-ROM into the UNIX
> machine at his work places office. It is a Drs office and uses SCO
> unix as the OS. At the time I told him that to change a CD-ROM you
> just put in a new one. I was unware that we were dealing with UNIX,
> and I know nothing about UNIX.
> Fast forwarding to today, he put in the new CD-ROM drive and tried to
> do an update to some software (not the OS) on the machine. The OS
> reported a "kernel panic". The provider of the software update
> informed him that the "CD-ROM needed to be configured with UNIX SCO".
> So he shoots me an email for help and I've tried to find something on
> this. Unfortunately, searchign for [ install CD-ROM Unix SCO] only
> gets me intructions on how to install UNix SCO. I've tried every
> combination of search options that I can think of and I am now lost.
> I am familiar with working with Linux and Windows and I've never seen
> a system where you install a CD-ROM and it doesn't work at least to
> some degree. It has power, that much I know. The system doesn't
> crashon boot and only flips out when trying to mount the CD. He has
> tried a different CD and gets the same issue.
> I know that I don't have much info, like release version, or CD-ROM
> model. I'm jsut asking, is there a utility that I can use to
> configure it? Is teh tech guy on the other end just making it all
> up? I am pretty lost when it comes to this version of UNIX. I have
> no other info than what I have given here. Can anyone shed any light
> on this?

Please check the old CD-ROM and confirmed, what type of CD drive was
in the system, IDE, SCSI, if it IDE you need to check the jumper
setting and make sure the new matches with the old one, e.g. master/
slave, if it SCSI then you need to find out the SCSI ID of the old
one,termination, etc and set up the new one accordingly.