On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, sharmila.kuthubdeen@gmail.com wrote:

> I am using DejawinT emulator and HPUX. when I try to print from unix
> prompt the file only printout on portrait mode. but I need to print on
> landscape mode. when i try to to print the emulator get stuck and
> prompt a message saying print spooling

What is telling the printer to print in landscape? Is it something on the
server (HPUX), or something on the PC?

If you are setting something on the server, that is probably causing the
server to include an escape sequence to control the printer. If your
emulator doesn't handle this sequence well, that could cause problems.

Also in this case, the codes would have to be correct for the kind of
printer you are using? What kind is that? If the codes were PCL codes for
an HP LaserJet printer, but you have a different kind of printer,
especially a "Windows only" printer, that could cause problems.

AnzioWin, our terminal emulator, could solve that problem.

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