I am hoping from what I have seen in the FAQs for this group that
someone might be able to assist me. I have posted this in the past on
several Macintosh forums and news groups with no responses.

I have been unable authenticate to our SCO UNIXWare server (version
7.1.0) since upgrading to 10.4.x. We have one Mac running 10.3.9 that
has no difficulty mounting the share points. Using the same workgroup,
username and password, OS 10.4.x responds with "Could not connect the
the server becuase the name or password is not correct".

I have tried from terminal (using mount_smbfs), but get a message that
the mount failed: syserr = Authentication error.

I have managed for over a year now since I have a number of Windows
boxes I can make use of to transfer required files into another mount
point (on a NetWare server). I now need a solution because I am now
replacing the OS 10.3.9 machine with a new one with 10.4.8.