On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, XeniXman wrote:

> ...
> The reason for my need: I need a terminal window that can be wider
> than 80 columns and less than 132 columns. I wish to define the
> number of columns when the window is opened. I have an Informix app
> with a screen array that would be PERFECT IF ONLY I had more columns.
> As far as I know, xterm is the only program that allows one to define a
> variable size terminal.

Anzio Lite and AnzioWin (our Windows-based terminal programs) can
certainly operate with a variable number of columns, and also rows. I am
right now typing in an Anzio session at 100 columns and 32 rows (talking
to Pine on Linux). This is configured in the View menu, under "Screen
size". It is maintained between sessions, if you save settings.

In fact, if I change screen size while in Pine, vi, or many other
programs, Anzio will alert the telnet daemon or SSH daemon, using the
appropriate protocol, and that will propogate a window size change signal
to spawned programs (such as Pine), which can react internally to the
changed window size.

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