714 with LFS support has file sizes using more than 32 bits, up to 1 TB...

If an updated shell can do what you need, then a program could do it and
could probably get it done more easily and quickly, though admittedly not as
cleanly. The 1TB limit may not be enough for what you need, but since that
is a UW O/S limitation, I would expect it to apply to any enhanced shell as

Steve J.

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Thanks John & Steve,

A bit of food for thought there.

It seems that my main problem is that UW7 only supports a 32 bit
interface,(2 x 2 to the power of 32 = 2Gb). If I could get my hands
round an OS that supports 64 bit, then the world is my oyster.

Good point on the updated shell bit there John. Our application uses
ksh, which having performed all the fsadm bits and the kernel tuning
allows 1 terrrabyte, but the maximum file size for shell redirection is
still governed by the maximum allowable value of the ULIMIT parameter
in /etc/default/login

I'd love to just go all Linux, cos bash seems to be more manly, but my
company has agreements with SCO, and we all know what is going on
there, don't we.......

Thanks again,