Can you write a simple utility to read from stdin and write to the large
file, then pipe the output to your utility instead of simply redirecting the
output to the file? A little ugly, I know, but a simple workaround if it
would work for you. Something like...
lfs-output-program | lfs-writer-program -o lfs-output-file
instead of...
lfs-output-program > lfs-output-file

Would that work?

Steve J.

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From: Jean-Pierre Radley []On Behalf Of Chaz
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 9:41
Subject: ujpper file size limit

Hi all,

I work predominantly with SCO UnixWare.

This OS has a limitation that I may not be able to get over.

The problem is that UW will handle file sizes up to 1 terrabyte in
size, for interrogation and manipulation, but will not handle files
above 2Gb when added to or created using shell redirection.

This limit is stipulated in SCO Knowledge base technical article 110169

The reason I require this is because the software I support uses c-isam
database, which has data and index files that are "added" to all the

What I am looking for is a UNIX flavour that will allow shell
redirection out to a much larger file size.

Does anybody have any ideas?