: Tom,
: I'm glad I'm here to defend myself.

As am I.

: I would hope you do not do these
: type of tactics on other newsgroups... or anywhere for that matter.

I am on record as saying how much I did NOT enjoy this.

: It's not
: good business... at least for Microlite.

It's not good for anyone. We can agree on that.

: The original comment was about
: the REV drive. You took the opportunity to exploit the original thread
: with a big edge sales/tech pitch against LONE-TAR that IMHO distracted
: from the original issue/problem... the REV drive.

It seems that some people still think that "BackupEDGE and Lone-Tar
are virtually identical, and the first one that "seems" to work, does.

I felt it necessary to point out that, although they are both storage products,
they are in fact very different. My comments were limited to REV and to
where our exclusive REV technologies absolutely relate to other storage types.

: The bottom line
: is LONE-TAR worked and BackupEDGE did not. We both know there are occasions
: where BackupEDGE works and LONE-TAR does not work, and
: occasions where neither product is used.

We agree on a lot, most especially the part about when neither product is
being used.

I just don't trust the PERC 4 in this instance. We're issuing all standard
pass-through commands that other host adapters use, and that the PERC 4
shouldn't choke on them. I don't think it is in his best long term interest to
continue to use the REV on that HA, no matter which software product he chooses.

: We all need to work a little
: more "together" as a team weither competition or not.
: Everyone will benefit.

I'm in.

: PS: You owe me a (double) CC and Ginger at SCOforum! :-)

Uh. I'm guessing that is a reference to drink. I don't drink, so I'm lost
there, but whatever it is, I'll buy you a triple!!!
: See ya,
: Jeff H