Where is the equivalent of gnutools and gwxlibs for osr 6 ?

I'm testing out my first osr6 box and installed the only updates I find
available for it (MP1, oss701a, oss702b)
gwxlibs comes in a 506 and a 507 version.
Some apps I've previously built on 506 run ok on 600 and it's like 600 has a
lot of gwxlibs effectively already built-in out of the box.
But it's both incomplete and not as current.
small immediate example: on osr6, wget does not exist, and curl is older
than the one in gwxlibs.
Ahhh ok, ls -l `whence curl` is illuminating:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root sys 39 Feb 22 05:30 /bin/curl ->
I didn't knowingly install gwxlibs 2.0.0Eb and it doesn't appear in custom.

Do I just go ahead and install the newer gwxlibs 2.1.0Ba from osr507mp4 or
The only other copy of it is for 506 and it's readme clearly says 506 and
only 506.

That still leaves gnutools. I don't see a gnutools anywhere nor an old
version built-in.
/usr/gnu exists but only contains stuff from gwxlibs 2.0.0Eb, none of the
stuff normally provided by gnutools.

So before I start building things I stopped building once they became part
of gnutools or gwxlibs, and using non-native osr5 binaries,
I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

I found the osr6 skunkware but that doesn't fill in the blanks either.

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