: I have just noted the existance of mp4 for OS 5.07, have read the release
: notes and recent postings here. Two questions:
: 1. We are using BackupEDGE 1.02.04. Does mp4 break this earlier version?

MP4 makes kernel changes that break the BackupEDGE encryption library.
This affects only 02.0x.0x releases of BackupEDGE.

We've conferred with SCO engineering, and made changes to detect and
support MP4. These changes are in testing and could be available as
early as Tuesday, 11/15/2005. This will be BackupEDGE release 02.01.04
build 2, and the only difference between build 2 and build 1 will be
the MP4 support.

BackupEDGE 01.02.04 was certified on 5.0.7 without maintenance packs.
Those with 5.0.7 and prior releases of BackupEDGE 01.02.0x should update
to at least 01.02.04 build 3, which was released three years ago this month.


Those with 5.0.7 and any SCO maintenance pack prior to 4, we highly recommend
updating or upgrading (as appropriate) to BackupEDGE 02.01.04 build 1.


Those who want to update/upgrade to 5.0.7 with MP4, I'll post a BackupEDGE
02.01.04 build 2 URL as soon as the product becomes available. It will also
be available through the "Downloads" page at www.microlite.com.

BackupEDGE 02.0x.0x (any release) to current is a free update.
BackupEDGE 01.02.04 and prior to current is a chargeable upgrade.

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: 2. I'm confused about changes to the printer subsystem (CUPS and SYSV
: printers). We are not using rlp. There are printers configured using HP
: Jetadmin utility from scoadmin with /dev/null as their listed devices.
: There are printers the are configured using facetwin where the devices are
: pipes in the facetwin directory tree. There are dot matrix printers
: connected to Digi serial ports. What happens to the printers and their
: interface files when CUPS is installed as part of mp4? should I not install
: Thanks.
: Marty Rubenstein
: marty@sbohp.com