If I have to recover a SCO UW 7.1.3 box that's just had a new disc
installed and I only have the two ERD discs, how do I do it? I thought
that if I called
fdisk /dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s0
placed a 100% partition, calculated the figures for edvtoc then called
edvtoc -f afilename /dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s0 to write a new vtoc then I
could call
for the two filesystems (/ and /stand), mount them, then recover our
cpio backup.
BUT after the edvtoc (which gave every indication of having worked),
prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s0
returns 'reading vtoc failed: No such device or address'
as does mkfs
What am I missing??

(and please don't say that I'm missing RecoverEDGE or some such....)