I have an old system I'm trying to get some data off of.

Unfortunately, it had SCO Virtual Disk Manager installed.

What I know about this system is there are 3 drives configured somehow
using VDM and one of the drives has failed.

When I boot the system now, after the 'ctrl-d' portion of start up when
it loads the Sdsk for all the VDM drives, it kernel panics so I can't
get it to boot the data /u/home directory.

I can get into single mode just fine.

Is there a way I can take one of the drives that is configured in the
VDM software RAID and mount it on another system to get the data off of

I don't have much experience with VDM but I know it's very clunky and
not very good - ha....if it wasn't for some old code I need on it, I
wouldn't even bother but I'd really like to get to it.

Any help/input/suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.


Scott Ullmann
Telespectrum, Inc.