I have very bizarre behavior on an SCO Unix 5.0.5 system. Some users
get all of their supplemental groups set upon logging in. Others
don't. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to this. The
/etc/group file is in perfect shape (as reported by grpck). I don't
even touch this file by hand...I use the scoadmin command to administer
it. The authck -a command runs without error too.

For the users that do not get all of their supplemental groups set (a
number that is well below the kernel setting NGROUPS), using the "sg -a
group" command does work, as does the "newgrp" shell built-in. What I
would like to know is what would cause two different users, each a
member of a supplemental group, to have one assigned the supplemental
group automatically and the other not.

Thanks in advance.

D. Hopkins