Sorry to post off topic here, but many of you guys have a lot of
knowledge in the linux realm, I think probably more than many of the
guys in the linux forums.
Anyway I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.
I just upgraded our webserver from RedHat 7.1 to Suse 9.3. Everything
went quite well and overall I've been pleased with it's performance.
However there are a couple of glitches to iron out.
One of them is with mount -t smbfs -o username=####,password=####
//server/share /localdir. It seems to only happen particularly when
trying to access a Quantum Snap Server 2000 attached to the network. I
could mount this same Snap Server from RedHat with no problem. But when
I mount it from Suse and perform any commands such as ls, cd, etc.
within a matter of moments it totally freezes the system, requiring
that I use the reset or power button to restart the system. I have seen
a couple of posts on the net about this very problem but they didn't
seem to mention any solution. I have a test box, with vastly different
hardware and Suse 9.3 on it and it does the exact same thing. I can
mount the Snap Server through nfs and it works fine. I would use nfs
but the only reason I'm accessing the Snap Server from this box is to
do a nightly tape backup of its files and in the past using smb has
always been faster.
I tried upgrading the smbclient library to the latest version
3.0320-0.1, downloaded from the samba site. I also ran the yast online
update to update the kernel to Neither of these made any
difference. I can't find any reported errors in /var/log/messages and
there's no core file to examine either, the system just falls flat on
it's face.
I have also tried, unsuccessfully, to upgrade the software on the snap
server but since adaptec bought the Snap Appliance company they only
have the newest version on their site and it won't let me upgrade from
the current version on the snap server to the newest, I need at least a
version in between. They're supposed to post more on their site but who
knows how long that will take, it's already been a month. Of course
that may end up being the only solution to the problem, I was just
hoping to solve it sooner.