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Thread: 5.0.5 and Celeron D

  1. 5.0.5 and Celeron D


    I know I can't use a Pentium 4 but can I use a Celeron D with 5.0.5?

  2. Re: 5.0.5 and Celeron D

    In article "John Smith" writes:
    $I know I can't use a Pentium 4 but can I use a Celeron D with 5.0.5?

    It may be a bit strong to say "can't" use a P4 on 5.0.5. For
    my previous home motherboard, running 5.0.5 as well as Windows,
    I selected a Pentium III based in part on the P4 not being supported
    prior to 5.0.6a. I was subsequently told in a private email from a
    trusted source at SCO that this was probably unnecessary, and that
    the engineers had suggested that the well-known problem that
    could result in 5.0.6 cooking a P4, despite the P4's thermal
    protection features, was essentially theoretical in nature and
    quite unlikely to crop up in the real world. The folks at
    tomshardware.com did an interesting test in which they took
    four CPUs (PIII, P4, and two AMD CPUs), maxed out the CPU
    utilization, then completely removed the heatsink and cooling
    fan to see what would happen. The PIII's thermal management
    is pretty basic; if the CPU starts to overheat, it simply halts. The
    P4's thermal management is much more advanced; if the CPU starts to
    overheat, it reduces its clock rate to reduce its heat dissipation.
    IIRC, both Intel CPUs survived this test with no physical damage.

    Since the Celerons are just crippled versions of the higher-end
    processors, it would be logical to assume that any compatibility
    issues with a Pentium-family CPU would normally also afflict the
    related Celeron. I haven't been keeping up with all of the various
    CPU variants but AFAIK the Celeron D is a crippled P4, so it would
    also not be supported.

    BTW, at least one of the patches for 5.0.5 adds support for
    "the latest" (at the time of the supplement's release, of course)
    microcode updates to the P4. So while 5.0.6 has a few supplements
    dealing (at least in part) with P4 issues such as thermal management
    and throttling and those supplements are not available for 5.0.5,
    there must be at least some support for at least some P4 CPUs
    in 5.0.5, else there would be no need to release supplements
    handling microcode updating.

    As it happens, my previous PIII motherboard and/or CPU died
    before I got around to upgrading to 5.0.7. I replaced it with a
    3.06 GHz P4, and ran 5.0.5 on that for, hmm, I think about half a
    year before I finally upgraded to 5.0.7. No damage to report.

    Disclaimer: I am not recommending that you try this. If you
    do try this, and problems (potentially severe and/or expensive
    problems) crop up, don't say I didn't warn you!
    Stephen M. Dunn
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