Quick summary: have any of the recent 5.0.7 updates, or any of
the recent SpamAssassin updates, fixed the compatibility problem
between SA3 and 5.0.7?

Longer version: when I tried upgrading to SA3.0.2 on OSR5.0.7
early this year, I found that the Bayesian database was completely
broken. It wouldn't upgrade an old one (I tried using known working
databases from both 2.5x and 2.6x), nor would it create a new one
from scratch. From a previous thread in this newsgroup (last
December), I find that several others, including some familiar
names from this group, also found that SA3.0x on 5.0.7 was broken.
There seems to be only one person in the world who has managed to
get this working, and he had to abandon SCO's Perl and roll his

There have been two new revs of SA3 since I tried fighting with
this stuff, and SCO has released several updates, including a newer
Perl. Has anyone tried this to see if any of these updates allow SA3
to work properly on 5.0.7?
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